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Story of a Hippie
Coming of Age in an Era of Change
​376 Pages - NEW 2019 Edition  now available

Relive the most exciting decade in the history of America . . . it was the 'Sixties' . . . but there was a whole lot more going on than just drugs, sex, rock & roll,  rose-colored glasses,  and bell bottom pants. This is the story about those of that time . . . who created a real consciousness revolution.

Tonight, my eyes would open to a new era in American history that was just beginning to unfold. I could barely feel it’s ever-growing vibration, but I was certain . .  . there were millions of others who were just like me . . . all across this great country, and feeling the same loud sound of a different drum now beating in the winds.

Peace Corps Nepal
A Search For Enlightenment
​660 Pages - NEW 2019 Edition now available

It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times .  . .
Journey to one of the most remote and interesting places on the planet with the adventures of a Peace Corps Volunteer . . . and discover the secrets, mystery, and magic of Tibetan Buddhism.

Yes, I was a stranger in a strange land all right, with a lot of strange looking people staring and pointing at me from their wooden porches.
I wasn’t sure if I could handle the next two years living all alone in this desolate place . . . as  I passed by rows of cow dung houses, and packs of wild barking dogs . . . tears of loneliness rolled down my face.

The Dark Side of Light
Amourous Memoirs of a Former Trial Lawyer
​340 Pages - NEW 2019 Edition  now available

Just like they say . . . what goes up,  must eventually come down . . . and when you're a  lawyer it can often feel like you're riding a roller coaster.   
That's when you must rest your case, lose your appeal, or sometimes . . .  crash and burn. That's when the law becomes . . . the dark side of light.

Yes, one thing about me . . . I was a damn good lawyer. I never lost a single case during my entire twenty years as an attorney. But it most likely had something to do with the fact that I’d learned how to speak with angels . .  . because they often gave me assistance in the courtroom . . . but they also had an agenda of their own . . . and that's what got me into trouble.

A Sensual Seduction
Sex, Drugs, Lawyers & Strippers
​586 Pages - NEW 2019 Edition  now available

Welcome to the new generation of the Great American erotic novel.
It's extremely sensual and rated RR for really raunchy . . . but it wasn't written for stimulation . .  . because it's actually about sexual healing, which is something this world really needs to learn how to do right now.

"Gerald came out to see why my secretary was yelling at me.
After looking into my office and seeing the leftovers on my desk from last night's little sex party, he noted, “Looks like you got your hand caught inside the old cookie jar, but it wasn’t your hand . . .
and from all the evidence I see   . . . it certainly wasn’t a cookie.” 

A Conscious Transformation
The Crystal Prison - PART ONE
424 Pages - NEW 2019 Edition now available

Better to have a life of oh wells, than wish I had,  so I took a risk, but then I died, becoming a fugitive from justice ...  oh well, at least I was still free. But now, I was no longer the person I'd been, or could ever be again ... and although I couldn't  change what had happened, maybe  I could  change how others viewed it. First, I'd have  to somehow rise above the toxic cloud of mass consciousness that we're all trapped in. It's the  matrix that I called, The Crystal Prison. As a former lawyer, I could no longer allow myself to be chained to those beliefs, or accept living in this fear-based society . . . one that believes in imprisonment as being the only answer to solving our society’s ills. No, there just had to be a better way, and I had to find it!

A Conscious Transformation
The Crystal Chrysalis  - PART TWO
428 Pages - NEW 2019 Edition now available

For real transformation to take place it requires being away from the distractions of everyday life, much like in a cocoon … but it's more of a state of mind, rather than a place . . .  what I call, The Crystal Chrysalis, where you can find forgiveness, redemption, self-love, and realization.

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose, but all I had left was freedom. This is a  novel based on true events…written to raise awareness about the need for prison reform, to show that those who reside in the spirit realm  are real ... and that you are never alone.
It’s multilayered,  a memoir, a social commentary, and offers new revelations about the New Age and the new energies that are here. 

The Activation
What if God Were One of Us?
​452 Pages - New 2019 Edition now available

This is the book that ancient prophecies foretold would come someday … the one to explain it all! It's a fictional novel about the world as it is right now, and it's about you, and also where mass consciousness is right now.
The last Avatar this world will ever see has arrived, and he 's brought an important message of survival that everyone on the planet must hear. 
But will they listen, or turn away, as they usually do?  "It's time for you to remember the promise you made before you were born," he told them. "You're being presented with an opportunity to let go of all the old beliefs that no longer serve you . . . to release being human, and become Divine, but to do it will require sacrifice . . . to die to all that you've ever been."

'New' Book of the Dead
Transformation for the Afterlife
​392 Pages - NEW 2019 Edition now available

Perha ps the biggest lie ever told . . . is that you will die. We do not die, we just transform . . .  and realizing this is an integral aspect of one's journey into mastery and enlightenment . . .  but t he realization can only  come from experiencing life . . . with all of its sorrows and joys.

Life on Earth is like a global prison, and only death finally sets us free.  
Someday you'll be thankful to have this special friend, whose name is Death . . . who is willing to release you from your pain, allow you to die, and experience your true freedom. This book contains everything you ever wanted to know about Death, Dying, Dead & your next Destination.